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Writer's Block: Home sweet home

Do you have a favorite aesthetic style in terms of home design? If money were no object, how would you change your home?


I was born in the wrong decade in terms of design and aesthetics. My heart gets all excited whenever I see anything remotely mid-century modernist. It's one of the reasons why I like shopping at Ikea because they still operate on that modernist principal.

But man, just European mid century modernist design is the ultimate interior design aesthetic. Those clean lines! Those bizarre and modern shapes! The use of both synthetic and natural materials! Those bold colours and eye catching prints!

I mean, a lot of people would assume that if I were to own my own house and have all the money in the world, it'd end up looking like their grandma's house. But I guess it would; if their grandmother was some sleek and sexy super spy with a super planned house with all the mod cons plus more... like a closet that doubles as a cocktail bar that doubles as an artillery display.

I guess I would scatter it with kitsch items, but I think the overall feel would be something straight out of the pages of Atomic Ranch Magazine.

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